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Well hello there! My name is Paul Shamonsky I'm from New Port Richey, Florida and I'm 23 years old.

There isn't a lot to say about me. I love Music. you're prolly thinking to yourself, "oh he's just another so called music lover" well, let me tell you, I'm not. I almost practically breathe music man. I'm like the go to guy for information about music. you wanna know what song is playing in the background of a restaurant? I'll prolly know it, in fact, I'll prolly be the first person to notice it. I also don't really listen to the radio that much, unless its 88.5 FM (which plays sooo many interesting things) or if I feel like listening to soft rock and roll, 107.3 I just don't like the idea of how mostly radio nowadays isn't about exposing you to new music that's truly awesome, its more about exposing you to new music that someone thinks you should hear, but really isn't that great to begin with, shall I dare mention Nickleback? I rest my case. You can thank my parents for my unique music taste. I took what they listened to, and went from there. I've been to a bunch of places in the past 4 years. I can thank that much to the Navy. I've seen Australia, Thailand, The Philippines, South Korea, numerous cities in Japan, Singapore, Dubai, and Indonesia. My last month in Japan, I enjoyed it more than my entire time there, so much, I have been thinking about going back and teaching English there after I go to college. If I don't do that, I might just go work in London for a couple months, as I've always wanted to go there. I'm originally from Riverside, California. It's where I was born, and I lived there until I was 10. Do I miss it? not really, I like to think of Florida more as home. It's been good to me, and I'm doing my best to be good to it.

I like to walk/drive around listening to my iPod and doing trying to fit the music to what's going on in my surroundings, I call it sound tracking. I have a weakness for folk music. I love Pepperoni Pizza with a passion. I like taking pictures I love Star Wars I wanna make my own stormtrooper costume and join the 501st! I have a brother who is 18 years old and has Autism.

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check out this video. its me and my best friend Meghan. hopefully you'll get a better idea of my personality!