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My Details

  • Name: Jordan Shaw
  • Age: 13
  • Location: England, Lincolinshire, Skegness
  • Interests: Television, Computor animation
  • Things I like: Girls, Chocolate, Coke (cola) and FAMILY GUY
  • Things I dont like: Gays, Idiots, Weirdos
  • Other: Family Guy is awsome and i like American Dad.
  • Family Guy Charactors that I like: Peter Griffin, Lois Griffin,

Stewie Griffin, Brian Griffin, Meg Griffin, Chris Griffin, Evil Monkey, Joe Swanson, Glen Quagmire, Cleveland Brown.

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Thanks: Blast76 14:02, 27 August 2008 (UTC) I thank You for taking time to,(lets say as Peter Griffin would), "Hollow" through my page, and as Quagmire, "I wish you all a good giggidy" while discovering things on Family Guy Wikia (FGW), "Heh OH RIGHT"


More updats later