• I live in Dimension C-137
  • I was born on May 3
  • My occupation is Being Awesome.
  • I am Everywhere
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American Guy: The hour long crossover episode between American Dad and Family Guy

Hi, I'm Boyariffic. A huge fan of Family Guy and someone who dreams of two things happening in the show before it's done. 1. A crossover with American Dad (a full length crossover, not like the one at the beginning of Bigfat, although that was totally awesome) no, I mean like a full hour crossover like that one they did with with The Simpsons. And 2. For Brian to die again and for Vinny to come back for longer. Oh, and I can also do a perfect voice impression of Cleveland. I swear it sounds just like him. It's so awesome.

My Top 10 Favorite Characters

  1. Stewie Griffin
  2. Peter Griffin
  3. Chris Griffin
  4. Vinny Griffin
  5. Glenn Quagmire
  6. Cleveland Brown
  7. Connie D'Amico
  8. Death
  9. Evil Monkey
  10. Neil Goldman
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