Kai Tokusato

aka Kai Benjamin Tokusato

  • I live in Fullerton, California, America
  • I was born on July 23
  • My occupation is YouTuber
  • I am Male

I am a fan of Family Guy like I am the fan to The Simpsons.

My Best Family Guy Episodes by Season

  1. Season 1 - Death Has a Shadow.
  2. Season 2 - Road to Rhode Island and Love Thy Trophy.
  3. Season 3 - A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas, Road to Europe, The Thin White Line, Brian Does Hollywood and When You Wish Upon a Weinstein.
  4. Season 4 - PTV, North by North Quahog, Patriot Games and Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (the entire movie).
  5. Season 5 - Peter's Two Dads, Airport '07, Meet the Quagmires and Mother Tucker.
  6. Season 6 - Blue Harvest, A Former Life of Brian and Back to the Woods.
  7. Season 7 - I Dream of Jesus, Road to Germany, Baby Not On Board, 420 (However, I still hate marijuana and drugs, but it's still funny), Family Gay, and The Former Life of Brian.
  8. Season 8 - Road to the Multiverse, The Splendid Source, Brian & Stewie, Something, Something, Something, Dark Side and Partial Terms of Endearment (the banned from America episode).
  9. Season 9 - Excellence in Broadcasting, The Big Bang Theory, New Kidney in Town and It's A Trap!
  10. Season 10 - The Blind Side, Lottery Fever, Back to the Pilot, Amish Guy and Stewie Goes for a Drive.
  11. Season 11 - Yug Ylimaf, Roads to Vegas, and Space Cadet.
  12. Season 12 (God, I just hate this season) - Vestigial Peter, 3 Acts of God and Christmas Guy. (But I will miss Vinnie though).
  13. Season 13 - The Simpsons Guy and Turkey Guys.
  14. Season 14 - Pilling Them Softly, Road to India and A Lot Going On Upstairs.
  15. Season 15 - Inside Family Guy, How the Griffin Stole Christmas, Chris Has Got a Date, Date, Date, Date, Date, and Hot Shots.

At Least Those Episodes Tried

  • Road to the North Pole. - I do not hate this episode, but I don't like the way how heavy it was for a Christmas episode.

Top 10 Worst Family Guy Episodes

  1. April in Quahog. - Ugh! I really hate this piece of animated abomination. This episode really shows how unlikable Family Guy is for making an impractical joke on making the world going to end. It shows how unlikable Peter is for being out of character like "Screw you guys, I will do whatever I want, even on the last day on Earth.", and even for wishing his kids weren't around. We know Family Guy is better than this, but this episode didn't even try to impress me. It was one of the Family Guy episodes I really hated the most. It's super abysmal and unfunny. We have a winner. April in Quahog is the worst episode of all time. They are a few good jokes like Joe referencing "Who else but Quagmire?", Peter doing the Surfin' Bird and Brian being as one of Dick Dastardly's dogs. But nothing else, they're just bad messages in the entire episode. Earning your kids respect back by buying an XBOX if you cannot earn it back? That's the worst message I have ever heard of. Big aggravation!! It's so misleading about the world going to end and it really needs to be forgotten! >:(
  2. Brian's a Bad Father. - Just awful. Just... just... awful!
  3. Seahorse Seashell Party. - Boring, unpleasant, and unoriginal. Even the title of the episode seems trashy! -_-'
  4. Life of Brian. - Because of the death of Brian, but I do like the introduction of Vinnie. But gosh, this episode is depressing to watch. I do not help but feel bad for poor Stewie in this one.
  5. Peter's Sister. - Cruel and plain mean spirited. But I do admit that the cutaway gag where Stewie commercializes the Monster Energy Drink was funny.But it has way too many unpleasant scenes.
  6. Not All Dogs Go To Heaven - Some say this episode was the decline of Family Guy, but it's honestly insulting to Christians and atheists a like. I understand why a lot of people hate it, but it's definitely unpleasant and dis-likable. I am a Christian, but I really don't care for this episode, not really one of the worst, but I hate the way the episode made Brian as an atheist. It pretty much felt like an episode that gave Christianity a bad name, insulted the believers for their faith in God, and shamed on the atheists and non believers for not being Christians or non believers of God. I am not saying that all of atheism is bad, but what I can say, it's still not that enjoyable or any good to watch.
  7. Brian Griffin's House of Payne. - This was good until it all goes downhill.
  8. Herpe, the Love Sore - Oh my god, the imagery! >_<
  9. Fresh Heir. This episode is just weird, revolting, unfunny and creepy in the same time.
  10. Screams of Silence: The Story of Brenda Q. - That's disturbing, weird, and pretty brutal. It also felt really vengeful and angry.

Honorable/Dishonorable Mentions

  • You Can't Do That On Television, Peter - You tried
  • Chap Stewie (I can't fault this episode anymore, but what I can fault it now is Stewie wishing he was never born)
  • Mom's the Word (For goodness sake, why remind me a bit of One Coarse Meal about Stewie trying to commit suicide all because he is afraid of death?!) -_-
  • Go, Stewie, Go! (The Stewie plot is the only good one in this episode; the sub plot tried, but it didn't really even try at all)
  • Brian Writes a Bestseller - I didn't like it. I am sorry. But it kind of deserved a dishonorable mention because Brian was more of a complete jerk to Stewie.
  • Stewie Is Enceinte (I really hate the main plot, but the sub plot wasn't all bad)
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