aka Rando

  • I live in Wales
  • I was born on March 5
  • My occupation is avid hippo trainer
  • I am Male
Brian Griffin (2)

About Me

After recently sparking an addiction to watching Family Guy I began to watch every episode. Now that I've watched every episode, I can't wait until Season 9, but seeing as I live in the UK, I have no idea when it will premier. Any ideas?

My Favourite Pages

  1. Brian Griffin
  2. Dog Gone
  3. Brian & Stewie
  4. Stewie Griffin
  5. Saving Private Brian

Least Favourite Pages

  1. Glenn Quagmire - I just think he's a terrible character.
  2. Natick, Massachusetts - 1 and a half lines, seriously? (Same with many other pages)
  3. Meaty the Quick-to-Anger Clown - Same as above.
  4. Bertram - Same as Quagmire.
  5. Marleen - By far one of the shortest pages on a Wiki I have ever seen.
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