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Hi, you are looking at my userpage. Back in the year 2000, I watched a few episodes of Family Guy (I think it was Season 1). The first Episode I saw was probably Death has a Shadow. Then, I forgot about the show till it got aired again in 2005. My friend told me to watch Family Guy and I watched it. I suddenly remembered that this was the show I used to like back in 2000. From then on, I loved the show even more. I have seen every season (PAL) except for Season 5 (Disc 2&3) which has only just got released in my country. Season 5 hasn't been aired in my country yet and I probably won't be for a long time because it has been taken over by King of the Hill at the moment. I will probably buy Season 5 on DVD sometime in the future. To see my normal Wiki userpage please click here.