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I'm The Fisherman. I like this name because it comes from my favorite quote off of Family Guy ever. In Fifteen Minutes of Shame when a fisherman laughs at Chris because he can't throw a baseball, Peter turns to Chris and says "Chris, are you gonna take that from a fisherman?!?!" It's not the funniest quote, but it's definitely me and my gang's most used quote. well, that's about it for my name's history

Real Life

My name is Aaron. I'm just another Family Guy fanatic like you guys. Note this though: I HATE AMERICAN DAD, and am not particularly fond of The Simpsons, but I'll watch them every once in a while. South Park is a personal favorite of mine though.

If you ever need to know ANYTHING about Family Guy, or feel like quizzing a master on seasons 3 or 4, drop me a line, because I am a Family Guy S3&4 Master.


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