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Review of Family Guy

I had heard from a friend that a show called "Family Guy" was funny, so I checked the TV guide and found it. I watched it...and here is my review. Feel free to comment.

My first observation was how similar to one of my favorite shows, The Simpsons it is. It doesn't appear to be all that original. I mean, you have Peter, a fat, lazy, slow-witted, beer-loving couch potato father/husband who works at a factory and hangs out at a bar with his friends. Compare that with Homer Simpson, a fat, lazy, slow-witted, beer-loving couch potato father/husband who works at a nuclear power plant and hangs out at a bar with Lenny and Carl.

Let's not forget the rest of the family, I didn't see much similitarities with Marge and Lois, but a few nights ago there was an episode where Lois did time for stealing, while she is away the Griffin house becomes a mess, and they break her out. I went, "holy ----!" I was angry. This is because The Simpsons had the exact same episode, Marge in Chains! Only it aired earlier! [1]

And of course the kids, Meg, Chris, and Stewie. Meg is a lonely, desperate, geeky sister with an annoying brother who wants a boyfriend. Very similar to Lisa. And Chris, the foolish brother role is played by him. And Stewie, an extraordinary baby, while Maggie may not be able to talk and go on secret missions, she has done some pretty wild stuff.

Enough about the characters, though. Another reason I dislike Family Guy is the way some shows end. I don't know about you, but they end very abruptly, the impach is like a 12-guage to the face. Hell, I could set up a gambling ring if I wanted to, guess when the show ends, win $25! I remember seeing Saving Private Brian, cleaver title. But when the show ended, Chris and Peter go fishing. And that's it...episode's over...I sat there for at least five seconds and said "What on earth?" It leaves you empty, there's no real good ending.

And some of these bits they have really irritate me. For example, recently I saw an episode where Brian and Stewie were trying to fix up an old house. So they decide it is too much work and blow it up. Well, they set the fuse for a short time and hafe to jump out there. I was fine with one angle of the ouse blowing up, but they must have shown it...damn, maybe 20 times? It got old very quickly. They can be very repetitive, and that's not the only time. They do it so much, you start to say, "Come on guys, I've seen this! You don't have to go on for another 10 minutes."

Another thing I dislike is their use of flashbacks, or as the Wikipedia article states, "Cut-away jokes." They are funny sometimes, but most of the time, they are totally un-called for. It doesn't help the story at all, it just breaks away from it. And they use them so much, to the point where the whole episode is interrupted.

Well, that's my review of Family Guy. Please put comments below. Thanks.


I have nothing really to say except I'm a huge Fam Guy fan and I don't agree with most of what you said. --BrianGriffin-FG

The entire point of Family Guy is the cut-away jokes, based in a Simpsons backdrop. I mean, come on - that blatant a reuse of some of the Simpsons storylines is clearly intentional. The show's entire appeal is to make humourous cultural references and slap-stick jokes to make you laugh, not to develop a complex storyline on the level of Dickens. I take it you're not a fan of Monty Python either? Still, each to his own - and the Simpsons is still a very good show.

I completely agree with you on the "cut-away jokes". In the earlier seasons, they weren't so bad, but as the series progressed they just got less funny. AaronV28 23:59, 6 June 2008 (UTC)