Family Guy Wiki

Hi! My Name is Liam Woods, 18 yrs old, Malta. By the time being, I attend the University of Malta, in which I’m following a B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology. I’m an avid Family Guy fan, and I just can’t get enough of it. This may seem a bit funny, but I just cannot imagine when Seth McFarlane, or better Fox, decides to stop the show. I mean, Family Guy also helped me in sarcasm and to get along with friends. I started watching Family Guy not that long ago. Since I live in Malta, I used to watch some episodes in Italian, which the show is named “I Griffin” which means, “The Griffins”. Then, a very good friend of mine introduced me to this genius animation work by Seth McFarlane. Since that day, I’m just – I’m obsessed, I watch Family Guy on every occasion and mood: sick, bad, angry, down, happy…

Well, my favourite episodes are, “I Never Met the Dead Man” (season 1, episode 2); “Chitty Chitty Death Bang” (season 1, episode 3); “Da Boom” (season 2, episode 3); “Death is a Bitch” (season 2, episode 6); “Wasted Talent” (season2, episode 20); One If by Clam, Two If by Sea" (season 3, episode 4); "Stuck Together, Torn Apart" (season 3, episode 19); “Blind Ambition” (season 4, episode 3); “Don’t make me over” (season 4, episode 4); “Petarded” (season 4, episode 6); “PTV” (season 4, episode 14); “Hell Comes to Quahog” (season 5, episode 3); “Saving Private Brian” (season 5, episode 4); “Whistle while you Wife Works” (season 5, episode 5); “Barely Legal” (season 5, episode 8). And the most recent, “Blue Harvest” (season 6, episode 1).

My Favourite character is Stewie. He is so ‘cutely mean’. His British accent (done also by the great Seth McFarlane), his ideas and thoughts, his assertions, the evilness, his sarcasm, his obsession for being an important man in future, his ability to create the most impossible things simple as a pie (like, for instance, time machine, weather machine, etc…), the friendship with Brian and the fixation to kill his mother and the enigma of the ‘gay or straight’ scheme. I mean, for me, he is perfect. Obviously, besides the other characters, which are also masterminded perfectly by the Man.

Well, what can I say? Seth, you’re my Personal Hero! And Thank You!!

Liam Woods 18/10/2007