We have started a project with the Transcripts Wiki in which we will be providing links to episode scripts hosted on their wiki. These links are to be placed at the top of every Quotes page. Right now there are a couple of primary variations for indicating a script already exists and then a different one to start a new one if one doesn't exist. See Season 2 for examples. Season 1 is also finished.

We need people to go though and complete linking the remaining seasons from here to the Transcripts wiki - please indicate below if a season has been finished. We will also be linking to episodes of American Dad! which is far less complete. They would also gladly take help in finishing, correcting or starting new transcripts. They also have a template that links the episodes back here.

There may be some slight variations in spelling: "Fore Father" was notable as our version omits the comma after "Fore" that theirs has. DO NOT move any pages here at this time!!! For the moment, the link goes to their episode while the title reflects our version. Several early episode titles here also have a capital 'I' in "Is" which an early admin insisted was correct for titles. Do Not Move!

Family Guy episodes:

American Dad! episodes:!

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