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After all the blogs Fandom shared with previews, FandomDesktop is now LIVE for you to check out! During this time, logged-in users will be able to switch from Oasis to FandomDesktop as their wiki experience through an opt-in toggle, found in an on-site banner and in user preferences. You will also be able to switch back by changing your user preferences.

Please do note that not everything has been developed yet, so expect changes to still occur. However, you already get access now so editors and admins get used to the new design and, especially, the admins can prepare this community for full migration, which will come early this summer.

Admins, you should definitely check out the new Theme Designer and the FandomDesktop preparation guide for advanced customization. When you feel that your wiki is ready for the new experience, there's a button in your Admin Dashboard to let us know, which may impact the order of the definite migration. If you are having trouble with something, please do reach out to me: on the wiki or even on Discord (Lostris#4280), I'm around to make this transition easier on all of you!

You can all read more about it in this blog.

Please let me know in the comments section what you think of the new design. Good, bad, bug report, anything that's on your mind about it, I'd love to hear it! Please be as specific as possible in your feedback though, like if it's good, what do you like exactly? Or what feature or layout don't you like? And especially when you've found something that doesn't work, please let me know as many details as possible:

  • what browser are you using (Chrome, Firefox, etc)
  • What editor? VisualEditor? VisualEditor - source mode (also known as the 2017 editor)? Or the source editor (aka the 2010 editor) If you are unsure, you can check which editor you're using via your preferences.
  • detailed steps to reproduce the bug (even if you think it's glaringly obvious). Providing me with links, screenshots, videos, etc is super useful!

Looking forward to your feedback! Lady Lostris / 9?cb=20190922130322 SOAP