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Who's Brian Now?
Brian finds out he had a previous family.

Season: 19 Episode: 16
Total Episode Count: 365
Prod. no.: KACX14
First Aired: April 11, 2021

Featuring: Brian, Peter
Also Appearing: Chris, Lois, Stewie, Meg, Joe, Jan, The Hendersons, Sugar Ray, Robert Loggia, Patrick Swayze
Director: Steve Robertson

Assistant Director: Steven K.L. Olson
Writers: Maggie Mull
Storyboarders: Rob Bou-Saab, Won Ki Cho, Stephen Wong

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Peter needs a haircut but refuses to get one when his regular barber passes away so he lets it grows out. When his long hair begins to annoy Lois, Brian agrees to talk to him and finds him running a still. After getting drunk on moonshine, he gets lost and finds himself in an animal shelter that has already contacted the family registered on a microchip that he wasn't aware he had, but it isn't the Griffins.

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He reviews the background of his former family the Hendersons, and decides to meet with them and finds they are well-off and well-educated, in sharp contrast to the Griffins. He decides to move back in with the Hendersons, but finds he isn't treated like a member of the family as before. Meanwhile, the Griffins to try to move on without him but Peter decides to get him back. he breaks into their house and gives the Hendersons a Road House kick to the head. Touched by the effort, Brian realizes the Griffins are his true family after all. Joe later has to arrest Peter for breaking into the home but he lucks out when the entire jury is made up of Patrick Swayze.

Earlier in the episode, Lois mentions that Chris was taken from a Dutch family. In the final scene, that family is shown wrapping things up. As the mother sighs over their stolen son and wonders if he remembers them, the father holds up their wooden footwear and puns "Wouldn't shoe?"

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