Zac Moncrief left his small hometown of Montvale, New Jersey, in 1989 to go to California Institute of the Arts, a Disney funded college specializing in animation. He then gained an internship on an animated feature, The Pagemaster, and moved on as an Assistant Animator on the film Cat's Don't Dance. While there, he sold a pilot to then President of Hanna-Barbera, Fred Seibert, for the What a Cartoon series titled "Godfrey and Zeek". This transitioned into doing story work for Hanna-Barbera's other series, Johnny Bravo.

Zac went on to open his own company, creating animation on several CD Roms, as well as a commercial work featuring Warner Bros. "The Roadrunner", The Carl's Jr. spot featuring Dennis Rodman as well as Animation for A GM sponsored ride at Disney World. Soon after, Mr. Seibert came calling again with a new series on Nickelodeon called Oh Yeah! Cartoons. There, Zac created the shorts Kitty the HaplessCat, Baxter and Bananas, and also worked on other shorts such as The Fairly Oddparents and the Emmy winning short "Max and His Special Problem".

Shortly thereafter, he was asked to teach at CalArts, his Alma Mater, and by Disney Television Animation to Storyboard on Teacher's Pet the series as well as the series & "Direct to Videos" for Lilo and Stitch, Kim Possible and the network's Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. He left Disney to become a director for the Family Guy at Fox Animation. Although he no longer teaches at CalArts, his knowledge of Story and Storyboarding is being shared with those around him as he returned to Disney directing Phineas and Ferb.

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